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Freemasonry and Charity

The Three Grand Principles on which Freemasonry is based are Brotherly Love (friendship), Relief (charity) and Truth (integrity). It is therefore, no surprise to find that from its earliest foundations Freemasonry supported those in need, primarily orphans, the sick and the elderly. Over the last three hundred years the charitable support provided by Freemasons has ever expanded with local, national and international charities receiving regular financial assistance.

From the moment someone joins Freemasonry he is made aware of the importance of charity and the need to support and care of those who are less fortunate than ourselves. This is evidenced by the fact that the Freemasons of England and Wales have become one of the top ten grant-making Organisations in those countries.

The money for this charitable giving is provided by members  in a number of ways; a small portion of each members subscription is donated to the Masonic Charitable Foundation (the main central Masonic Charity); many members make a regular monthly donation; collections are made during lodge meeting; there may be a raffle, or similar, during the meal after a lodge meeting; and other specific fund raising events for Lodge members and their families are also held regularly.

Harry Wright

At the recent Cheshire Freemasons’ Charity Grants Celebration Evening, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Harry Wright said,

In the last 12 months Cheshire Freemason’s Charity has donated £132,000 to assist charities and organisations in or around Cheshire; In addition, the Masonic Charitable Foundation, which is our national charity based at our headquarters in London, has made donations of £576,000 to charities and organisations within the area of the Province, making a staggering total of £708,000, thus demonstrating that Freemasonry within Cheshire is alive and kicking and is an integral part of the wider community. (read more)

In 2017 Freemasons under the United Grand Lodge of England donated around  £46M each year to charities. 

Below are some of the charities that have recently received support from Freemasons.

South Cheshire Masonic Golf Society

‘the coolest kid on the block’

Cheshire Widows Sons Masonic Biker Association

Raising Money for ‘Teddies’

Stockport Mencap

‘A much needed holiday’

Cheshire Freemasons support Manchester Maggies Centre

Just Come In!

Cheshire Freemasons support Indonesia earthquake victims

‘Life-saving shelter and clean water to many thousands of people in need.”

Supporting 'Better Lives Centre' in Ellesmere Port

‘It is inspirational to see the work carried out at the Gardens’

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