Scouts ‘Carry on Camping’ thanks to local Freemasons

The Widow’s Sons look at one of the tents
L to R) - John Raby (Widow’s Sons and Hoose Lodge), John Taylor ( Minerva Lodge), Stephen Croft (House Lodge), Rob Kelly (Scout Leader) with his son and daughter In front of one of the new tents
John Taylor (Minerva Lodge) with one of the new tents . Please click for the full story.

Scouts ‘Carry on Camping’ thanks to local Freemasons


Thanks to donations from local Freemasons, the 2nd Bebington scouts have been able to buy new tents and equipment to enable them to ‘Carry on Camping’!


With a Cheshire Freemasons Charities community grant of £2000.00 and support from Minerva Lodge, Hoose Lodge and the masonic bikers group the Window Son’s, a total of £2650 was donated to the scouts to enable them to buy ten new tents, accessories for an events shelter as well as renew other much needed camping equipment.


The tents and equipment will be used by the entire group, meaning that it will benefit more than 200 children over the coming years. Having sufficient camping equipment available to the group not only makes camps possible but also much easier to organise and run for the group’s leaders and volunteers.


Rob Kelly, the scout leader said that donations from organisations such as the Freemasons are vitally important for the running of the group. It means that they are able to keep subscription fees as low as possible and continue to subsidise trips and activities. It also means that valuable volunteer time is freed up to do what is most important, providing exciting activities and opportunities and opportunities for their young members.


Freemason Dave Perkins said it was a pleasure to help the young of the community. He continued that the youth are the future and the donation would help to the 2nd Bebington scouts to ‘Carry on Camping’.


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