52 Weeks - 52 Charities

#43 – The Besom in the Wirral

The Besom in the Wirral

Since its foundation, the Besom nationally has held three visions, it is a lay-led faith ministry, a relational service for team members, givers, and recipients, and it is a service for those who have, to meet and support those that do not ( money, skills, time or simply things ).
Besom in the Wirral is based at St Peters church in Heswall, the Besom is the traditional name for a brush made of twigs, and their aim is to “Sweep away suffering” by matching people with shared needs, a lot of the time this involves moving furniture to where it is needed most.
Recently their old van was taken off the road, so Cheshire Freemasons were delighted to make a grant in order to get the team mobile again, and help them keep up their good work.
(Picture was taken precovid19 restrictions)

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