The Travelling Ashlar

If you like fun and enjoy visiting other Lodges why not get your Lodge Brethren to plan a raid on the holders of The Cheshire Provincial ‘Travelling Ashlar’.

In November, a deputation of nine brave Knights from the James Thompson Lodge, lead by the Worshipful Master set off on a long and arduous Quest and using ancient navigation devices, ancient maps and a ‘sat nav’, ventured south to Knutsford, down the Ancient Highways and byways of Cheshire, through darkness and rain, eventually arriving at Knutsford Masonic Hall, to visit De Tabley Lodge, and conduct a Raid for the ‘Travelling Ashlar’ which had at that time been in their possession for a full quarter of a year.

They were greeted and received with great friendliness, and treated to a fine lecture before taking possession of the Ashlar and where well feed and nourished, before returning back through the gloom to the far corner of the Province, with their prize.

The Travelling Ashlar is held by a Lodge for no Longer than 3 months, and it may be claimed by a visiting Lodge of 7 or more, including the reigning Worshipful Master, from the holding Lodge. If your Lodge would like to “Raid” the Ashlar from James Thompson Lodge, please get in touch with the secretary accordingly to arrange

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