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Welcome to the Summer TLC Newsletter and hopefully you are all enjoying the sunny weather. It has been a busy 3 months for the TLC since the Spring Edition and I have taken time-out from the preparations for the ‘Family Fun Day’ to pen this Newsletter.

In those 3 months the number of TLC Bears donated to the Children’s A & E Units, across the Province, has risen to 84,504 and the figures for individual Hospital Units can be viewed at

The TLC Bear (aka. Bro. Dave Bates) accompanied by WBro Harry Shone (Area 1 TLC Rep.) and myself, took park in The Wirral Coastal Walk (15 miles) and with sponsorship and donations along the way, £677.00 was raised. Following successful trials we have introduced Facebook Pages and Twitter Stream for Social Media followers.This has seen a dramatic increase in the awareness of the Cheshire TLC both with Freemasons and the General Public. You can find us on Facebook: TLC Cheshire and on Twitter: @CheshireTLC

The TLC Bear has been out and about recently visiting the Children’s A&E Unit at Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral. The visit was well received by both the Patients and Staff. Teddy hopes to visit other Cheshire Children’s A&E Units in due course. A huge ‘Thank You’ is due to the new TLC Representatives in Area 3, who are looking after Knutsford, Sale and Altrincham Masonic Halls, under the guidance of Mike Bentley (Area 3 TLC Rep.). I must also thank Bro. Dave Bates (aka. Teddy) for his assistance with the Social Media Sites and for acting as a liaison with the Master Mason’s Forum and Rough Ashlar Club.

One of our most popular items of Merchandise, the TLC Shopping Bag, together with its companions Bob and Margaret, recently enjoyed a cruise to the North Cape, Norway, aboard the ‘Queen Elizabeth’. The bag was very much admired and became good friends with a ‘Queen Elizabeth Bear’, a ‘Cunard Bellboy Bear’ and a ‘RAF Red Arrow’s Bear’.

Finally preparations are well in hand for the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the TLC Appeal in The Province of Cheshire in 2014. We will be organising Visits and Fund Raising Events to mark this milestone. If you have any ideas or would like to be part of, or assist at any of the events then please contact you Area TLC Representative.

Thank you for your continued support
Neil Eaton
Provincial TLC Officer

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  1. Well done Neil !!!!! you are raising the profile of TLC Teddies throughout the Province of Cheshire and now Web Wide thanks to Facebook and Twitter.

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