TLC Newsletter – Spring 2013

Teddies for Loving Care TLC Appeal

Although it may not feel like it ‘Spring is in the air’ so welcome to the Spring edition of the TLC Newsletter.

At the time of going to press the number of TLC Bears distributed throughout the Province of Cheshire, since the scheme’s inception in 2003 is 79,432.

Hopefully you will have noticed our posters ‘YOUR COUNTRY’S CHILDREN NEED YOU’ pinned up in your meeting place. As part of our ‘vision’ for the TLC APPEAL we want to raise the profile and what it stands for. It is also a gentle reminder that we need you to continue to support us with your generous donations (PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES PAYABLE TO C.M.C ENDORSE THE REAR ‘TLC APPEAL AND FORWARD VIA YOUR AREA Rep.)

The shopping bags have proved very popular and we have now added a TLC mug to the range of merchandise (see over). All our merchandise items are available from your Area TLC Rep.

Following the success of the display at the provincial meeting, we are negotiating to bring the TLC ROADSHOW to other venues (Masonic & Public) throughout the year. This year is the 10th Birthday of Cheshire TLC and we hope you will help us celebrate.

If you would like a presentation about the TLC or you would like to become more involved please contact your Area TLC Rep.

Our focus for 2013 is to ensure that every Freemason in the Province of Cheshire is aware of the TLC Appeal and what it stands for and with your help we can achieve our aim.

Your donations are vital and just to give you some idea, the Cheshire TLC costs approximately £15,000 per year to run, based on the current figures every Freemason in Cheshire would have to donate £3 per annum for us to break even.

For further information about Cheshire TLC Appeal please visit our section of the Provincial Web Site at

Thank you for your continued support

Neil Eaton
Provincial TLC Officer

STOP PRESS: TLC will have a ‘Display’ and Merchandise available at the ‘Family Fun Day’ at Christleton on Sunday 11th August 2013

Link to the list of available TLC Merchandise click here