Teddies for Loving Care Appeal (TLC)

TLC Bears

The TLC Appeal in Cheshire has been operating since 2004




  • The appeal has a simple objective: for Freemasons to provide teddies to hospital A&E Units
  • For the Medical Staff to give, at their discretion, to children who are in severe distress
  • And where the Staff feel that a Teddy to cuddle will help alleviate that distress
  • And assist them in their urgent work
  • The Children keep the Bear ‘ so Teddy gets a new home.

To give some idea of costing – In Cheshire we donate on average 12,000 bears per year to the hospitals at an annual cost of approximately £15,000.

How It Works
The beauty of the appeal is its simplicity, through individual lodges, brethren make donations and buy TLC merchandise which allows us to raise the funds purchase the Teddies which are then donated to hospital  A&E Units.

It’s as simple as that

Teddies for Loving Care
Teddies for Loving Care

Benefits to the community in general

The use of the Teddies, within the A&E Units, has proved to have beneficial effects on the children admitted, by relieving the distress they face and alleviating the fear of being treated by a complete stranger.

The Teddies are used in various way

  • As something for the Staff to befriend the child with
  • For the Child to cuddle
  • As a reward for being brave
  • For Staff to demonstrate what they are going to do


The appeal is a Masonic initiative and therefore no reward is sought. The simple nature of the appeal has benefited Freemasonry by raising our profile in a positive way.

Each teddy comes with a tag ‘DONATED BY LOCAL FREEMASONS’ which provides continuous evidence of the principles of freemasonry in practice.