Companion Michael Baxter was a relatively fit and able chap in his mid sixties until he suddenly fainted and collapsed in 2013 – unfortunately while at the top of a ladder two stories up!
After being stitched up at A & E and miraculously finding no broken bones it was discovered that he had a heart condition and he was fitted with a pacemaker. Then during a routine pacemaker check it was discovered that he had suffered a “silent heart attack” and a biventricular pacemaker was needed to replace the former.
Despite this, he became more and more fatigued. He was unable to walk far, fasten his shoelaces, comb his hair and would fall asleep easily. More tests revealed an Aortic Valve Replacement (AVR) was required. In November 2016 an AVR was carried out at the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle by a team from the NW Heart Centre. Within a week he was home and within a few months doing things he had always done.

l to r Comp Michael Baxter, Mr John Phillips, Chairman of the Ticker Club and EComp David Bruce, 1st Principal of Sincerity Chapter no 428

His companions in Sincerity Chapter No.428, his Masonic Chapter which meets at Altrincham, were so delighted to see him back amongst them, they decided to make a donation to a suitable charity, charity being their primary objective.
In thanks and in recognition of the work of all those involved at the NW Heart Centre in Wythenshawe Hospital, it was decided to donate the £500 collected to the Ticker Club whose goal is to support both patients with major heart problems and their families, which the Club has done now for over thirty years.