Saxon Crosses Chapter No. 6227 – Royal Arch in Camera, Your Chapter in Focus

On Wednesday 15th November ExComp Howard Evans (Z), ExComp Keith Brewerton (H) and ExComp Joe McDonough (J), hosted “The Royal Arch In Camera, Your Chapter In Focus”.

This lecture was presented by ExComp Alan South LGCR, ExComp Ian Currans PGSwdB, AMetGSupt, ExComp Ian Clark LSGCR and ExComp Donald McGarr LGCR from the Metropolitan Grand Chapter.

Saxon Crosses was delighted to host this educational, humorous and entertaining evening which was enjoyed by members of Saxon Crosses Chapter and the distinguished guests from Cheshire and other provinces.

The presentation complements the successful “Talking Heads” playlet for Lodge meetings. The Metropolitan Grand Chapter has produced this new lecture for delivery in Chapter Convocations.

The presentation lasted about 30 minutes and was led by ExComp Alan South as Principal Narrator, together with ExComp Ian Clark and ExComp Donald McGarr as Assistant Narrators.

We were graced with the company of ExComp Robert Bramley PGSwdB (Deputy Grand Superintendent), together with other Leaders of the Province of Cheshire and also ExComp Ian Currans PGSwdB, AMetGSupt.

Left to Right, Front to back:- ExComp Robert Bramley PGSwdB, DepGSupt, ExComp Howard Evans (Z),  ExComp Keith Brewerton (H) and  Comp Joe McDonough (J), ExComp Donald McGarr LGCR ExComp Alan South LGCR, ExComp Ian Clark LSGCR, ExComp Ian Currans PGSwdB, AMetGSupt.

The Enjoyable Social Board after the Meeting.