Royal Arch in Camera Demonstration – Tuesday 27th March 2018

Leaders of the Royal Arch together with First Principals of Industry Chapter 361 and the members of the Demonstration Team

On Tuesday 27th March at Industry Chapter No. 361 at Hyde and with E. Comp Stephen Blank, Grand Superintendent in attendance along with all the Royal Arch Cabinet, Grand Officers, Provincial Officers, E. Companions and Companions members of the RA Provincial Demonstration Team gave the first demonstration of the Royal Arch in Camera playlet in the Province.
Over 60 Companions attended the Convocation and Social Board where the demonstration gave some guidance about the protocols and procedures in a Chapter, explained the characters portrayed in the various offices, and pointed out some important aspects of symbolism in the allegory of the Royal Arch story.
All who attended thought it was a great success and provided a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge with the Grand Superintendent believing it was Cheshire at its best.
The RA Cabinet plan to deliver the demonstration across the Province during the next Masonic Season.