Cheshire’s Tunnah Demonstration Team Visits West Lancs

The Cheshire Tunnah Team with the Principals of the West Lancashire Stewards Chapter and the Royal Arch Leadership of West Lancashire.

On Tuesday the 7th May the Tunnah Demonstration Team accompanied by the 2nd Provincial Grand Provincial EComp Philip Rowland and APGPs EComp David Williams and EComp Steven Christian visited West Lancashire Stewards’ Chapter to perform their presentation of the Tunnah Manuscript to 100 Companions from West Lancashire. They gave what can only be described as an exceptional performance which was received with prolonged acclaim by all present.

The Team have now presented the Manuscript twice in Cheshire and also in Derbyshire, London and the Isle of Man. They have now been invited to attend at Staffordshire, Shropshire and North Wales with two other Provinces possibly in the pipeline.
It is being considered that they will perform the Manuscript in Area 4. If you have not seen it yet, please avail yourself of the opportunity if it is performed in the East of the Province.

2nd Provincial Grand Provincial EComp Philip Rowland said “It is a pleasure to be with and work with this wonderful team, they are a credit to our wonderful Province of Cheshire and we should all recognise their dedication.”

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