Cheshire’s John Tunnah Demonstration Team Visit the Isle of Man

At the meeting of Athole Chapter No. 1004 on Friday 26th October in Douglas, the Chapter Companions and guests witnessed one of the finest presentations of Masonic history ever seen in the Province of the Isle of Man, a demonstration of the John Tunnah Manuscript by a team from the Province of Cheshire

They were accompanied by the Deputy Grand Superintendent of Cheshire, EComp Robert Bramley, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal EComp Philip Rowland and the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal EComp Rev. Barry Jobber and other members of the Province who went along to support the team

The John Tunnah Manuscript demonstration depicts Royal Arch Masonry in the 1800s. The team of eleven were dressed in period costume, the setting was the upstairs room of a public house and the whole illuminated by a candelabra at each of seven small tables, very atmospheric and even mystical. Every player spoke clearly and with confidence, knew his lines and perambulations around the tables. A very interesting, educational experience with touches of humour.

The round tables at the Festive Board together with purposely intermingling all; proved a resounding success and contributed to the happy and animated proceedings. . The occasion was topped off by a very generous charitable donation from the Companions of Athole Chapter. All who attended from the Province of Cheshire were impressed by the warmth of the welcome and hospitality received from our colleagues on the Isle of Man for which they are well renowned. Safe to say – a good time was had by all.

Demonstration Team Members:

D. Rutter, E. Owen, C. Davies, M. Dakin, G. Knowles, M. Manning,  P. Lucock, I. Brown, K. Jones, R. Dobbing, A. Jones, G. Perkin

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