A Newly Exalted Companion

On Monday 10th September Prudence and Justice Chapter at Willaston Masonic Hall Exalted WBro Nigel Bailey of Prudence-cum-Merlin Lodge 4127.


In attendance was the Deputy Grand Superintendent John Robert Bramley PGSwdB 

Accompanied by the Third Provincial Grand Principal Rev. Barry William Jobber, PGStB and the APGM for area 5 David Allen Williams PGStB.

From Left to Right…

Newly Exalted Companion Nigel Bailey; Deputy Grand Superintendent Excellent Companion John Robert Bramley; Excellent Companion Oliver McGuinness; Most Excellent Companion Simon Cooper; Excellent Companion Les Dickens.

Deputy Grand Superintendent John Robert Bramley and 1st Principals toasting Companion Nigel Bailey at the festive board.

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