‘The Master Masons Forum Visit Grand Lodge’

On the 14th June 2017 a large contingent of over 30 junior brethren from Cheshire Province representing the Master Masons Forum visited Grand Lodge to attend the Quarterly Communications meeting.

All enjoyed the ceremony with Pro Grand Master Peter Lowndes conducting a very informative meeting and acknowledging the Cheshire presence in the Lodge room. As was mentioned in ‘Freemasonry Today’ in the Spring 2017 edition, the Pro Grand Master is an avid supporter of the ‘New and Master Masons Clubs’, of which Cheshire is a leading light, with our ‘Master Masons Forum’.

Master Masons Forum members in the Grand Temple.

After the meeting the group enjoyed some lunch and then were conducted on a wonderful tour of Grand Lodge, followed by a visit to the vast museum of Freemasonry. The fantastic day was such a success that it will be repeated again next year.