Stanlow Lodge No 6257 welcomes Bro Steve

Officers on the night:

L-R: Bro Richard Kellett, Bro Joe Richards,

Bro Pete Merrick, WBro Steve Nicoll,

Bro Steven Attwood, WBro Steve Dodd, WBro Keith Evans,

Bro Tony Kellett, Bro Joe Richards

At their recent January meeting, Stanlow Lodge 6257 saw Mr Steven Attwood being admitted into our fraternity, WM Steve Nicoll allowed WBro. Gary Hunt the opportunity of initiating the candidate.  The ceremony went extremely well, with special mention to Bro Joe Spain (JD), who was word & step perfect throughout the ceremony and also to Bro Paul Goodwin, a Fellowcraft who performed the Working Tools without dropping a word.  The officers of the lodge had a brilliant ceremony topped with an excellent Festive Board where the candidate responded to his proposer with a confidence of aiming for ‘the chair’!

Welcome to Freemasonry Bro Steven Attwood, and Welcome to Stanlow Lodge 6257.