MMF – Prepare The Candidate for a First Degree

An exemplary performance of ‘Preparing the Candidate for a First Degree Ceremony’ was delivered by WBro Mike Coles PAGStB and the rest of the Master Masons Forum team on the evening of 25th October 2018 at South Cheshire Lodge No.5571

It was enhanced by 2 Fellow Craft members from the lodge who also took part and WBro Ken Jones, who played the part of the candidate and WBro Les Dickens who took the part of the Tyler.

Lodge Fellow Craft member Scott Williams commented that “…it was nice to be part of the action and really get involved, the Master Masons Forum made me feel really welcome and it was great to understand the symbolic meanings of ceremony that I went through only 12 months ago.”

South Cheshire Lodge would like to thank the Master Masons Forum for their time and effort in sharing their hard work – Worshipful Master Oliver McGuinness reiterated at the festive board that “…it is encouraging that new brethren are keen to understand and learn the processes they go through.”

Pictured from left to right

Michael O’Brien – MMF Team, Jeffrey Jones – MMF Team, Stephen Jones – MMF Team, Scott Williams – Fellow Craft, Mike Coles, PAGStB – MMF Team, Oliver McGuinness – Worshipful Master, Zack Fenton – Fellow Craft, Martin Gouldsborough – MMF Team, Ken Jones ADC, Les Dickens DC

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