De Sala Lodge’s latest Master Mason.


On the 1st February 2019, at Sale Masonic Hall, De Sala Lodge No 5657 conducted an excellent raising ceremony for their latest addition, to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

Bro Steve Manning has embraced Freemasonry with both arms. In his first year since joining the Lodge, he has been out visiting numerous lodges, taken part in two MMF (Masters & Masons Forum) presentation events and supported several Area 3 social evenings. He has been a wonderful addition to the strong light blue presence at De Sala Lodge No. 5657.

The Lodges current and very experienced Worshipful Master, WBro David Osborne PAGDC, led the newly appointed light blue officers through a faultless third degree ceremony. With all the visitors commenting on how well everyone had performed, it all bodes well for this thriving lodge, with another new initiate joining on the 1st March 2019.

L to R. Bro Steve Manning, WBro David Osborne WM, WBro Hakim Senane IPM

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  1. Congratulations Steve, all the visitors from Affinity Lodge 4872 had a great evening. A fabulous Ceremony, most enjoyable.

    Best wishes from us all, Andrew.

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