Area One honours the Fallen

On Sunday morning 12th November 2017 ten Brethren from Area One took part in the Remembrance Parade to New Brighton Promenade, Wallasey.  The Brethren listed below marched for 35 minutes to cover the mile & a half from Wallasey British Legion in Withens Lane to the Promenade Cenotaph.  Braving bitterly cold winds, rain and hail stone showers the Brethren paid their respects to the fallen during a moving remembrance service.

Two Armed Forces Veterans Bro. Rab Horner and Bro. Paul Warrington placed a wreath at the Cenotaph with a card containing a poignant message.

“Lest we forget the courageous men and women who gave their tomorrow so that we could have our today. We will always remember them today, tomorrow and forever”.

Area One Cheshire Freemasons

Paul Massie                             Manor Lodge No. 4202

Jeff Cunningham                     Manor Lodge No. 4202

Geoff Lloyd                              Manor Lodge No. 4202

Nigel Piper                              Parkgate Lodge No. 7263

Rab Horne                               Broadsmith Lodge No. 3593

Dermot Ferguson                    Broadsmith Lodge No. 3593

Keith Richardson                     Broadsmith Lodge No. 3593

Paul Warrington                     Seacombe Lodge No. 3468

Lee Baxter                               Wallasey Lodge No. 3036

Joe Waldron                            The Lodge of St Andrew No. 5053

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