Affinity Lodge 4872 Installation sees three new Joining Members

Affinity Lodge’s Installation meeting held on Tuesday November 28th 2017 at Altrincham Masonic Hall saw WBro Andrew Steeles proclaimed as Worshipful Master for a second season. The representative of the RW Prov Grand Master was WBro Ivor James Henry PPrGDC.

After finding out at that the Lodge DC had taken to his sick bed with “Man Flu”, the evening’s proceedings were directed in a most excellent manner by WBro Alfred Wadbrook PJGD, much to the delight of everyone present.

The highlight of the evening was balloting for three new joining members that were waiting outside the door of the lodge to be admitted. The ballot proved successful and all three new members, Bro’s Bogdan Tronac, Simon Brown and Jason Thomas, were admitted and presented with their Lodge Bylaws by the Worshipful Master.

Bro Tronac was also presented with the UGLE Book of Constitutions. Having moved to the UK from Romania, where he is a member of Lux et Veritas Lodge No.300, Bro Tronac sought to continue his Masonic journey and Affinity Lodge 4872 proved to be his choice, much to the delight of all the members.

And the good news did not stop there. Each new member had expressed a desire to become officers of the lodge that evening. The WM was delighted to invest Bro Jason Thomas as Inner Guard and Bro’s Bogdan Tronac and Simon Brown as Stewards, now that’s what you call having an immediate impact!!

from left to right: Bro Jason Thomas, Bro Simon Brown, WM WBro Andrew Steeles, Bro Bogdan Tronac and Bro Thomas Smith.

The Worshipful Master commented “With three Candidates lined up for Initiation in 2018, Affinity will continue to grow from strength to strength and it’s a very exciting prospect to be able to see a new team of “Light Blue’s” taking offices in the lodge over the next few years”.

The evening was culminated at the Social Board as all three new members were invited to join the WM at the top table, where the evening’s brotherly spirit continued with plenty of Masonic chat and banter.