Wellchild/Charity Support

Whilst we as Freemasons do a great deal for charity raising significant sums of money for both non masonic and masonic charities we believe that more and more MM’s would like to support charity in different ways. One way of doing this is through giving their time and skills. The MMF are therefore investigation possible opportunities and schemes for us to be able to do this.

One such scheme is the Helping Hands Project through the Wellchild Charity. This scheme is very similar to DIY SOS in that it carries out renovation work in people’s homes. Those who are supported through this scheme are terminally ill, disabled or handicapped children whose parents or guardians may not be able to afford to do the work themselves. Projects are typically bedroom or garden renovations to give that child some fun and enjoyment in an otherwise difficult daily life. The costs of each project are minimal, what Helping Hands want are the commitment of people’s time.

This is a small team trying to cover the whole country so as you can imagine there are not too many projects in Cheshire. However what we are hoping to do is as soon as a project does materialise we will provide a team who will be able to take on the 2 day challenge. This is a fantastic cause and a great opportunity to really change a child’s day to day life. For the better

This is just one example of projects we are looking at. As soon as we have new ones to announce we will let you know,