The Lost Apprentice

The ‘lost apprentice’ is a reminder of the responsibility we all have to our junior brethren, in helping them to learn and to progress in Freemasonry, whilst taking the maximum enjoyment possible. Through taking the time to ‘find’ the ‘Lost Apprentice’, we can show our commitment those junior brethren and at the same time reflect on what it means to take on the mentoring of them.

Therefore this is effectively the MM’s version of the Travelling Ashlar with the item being passed on a display box with miniature blindfold apron and cable tow. This has been developed to promote MM visiting, hopefully creating the opportunity for MM’s to experience the different ways in which each Lodge perform their ritual as well allow them to make new friends within their meeting hall or Area, something that is not always easy to do for all MM’s.

A simple set or ‘rules of engagement’ has been pulled together which Lodges will follow. The key to the success of the project is to ensure that the Lost Apprentice moves on a regular basis between different Lodges. This scheme is being rolled out into Area 1, again as trial, and if successful it is planned to role this out in each Area of the Province.

The Lost Apprentice Rules