Rough Ashlar Club

You may well have recently received an email in regards to the launch of the Rough Ashlar Club or seen the flyers in your local Hall. The idea is a social club for all junior Freemasons who can share friendship and fellowship as well as have some fun with other like minded people.

The Rough Ashlar Club allows all junior masons to come together offering the opportunity to meet new friends and share experiences. The club will organise various social events, some for masons only, some to include their partners and families and others with the chance to being along friends.

It is hoped this will ensure we embrace our members families and bring them into our Masonic lives as well offer the potential opportunity for friends who may be interested in joining of having the chance to meet some Freemasons in a social environment.

Current ideas for events including race nights, casino night’s, summer ball, bbq, family fun day, wine tasting, theme nights, murder mystery and visits to Lodges around the country.

A web site for the club has been set up as well as both  Twitter and Facebook accounts to enable communication and interaction between members for the same reasons as noted for the social media project

The inaugural event for the club was held on Wednesday 7th November, a Greek Night at Knutsford Masonic Hall with a follow up Race Night being for Friday 2nd February at Sale Masonic Hall. Both events were very well supported and laid the foundations for the continuing success of the club.

Details of future events are communicated through the Rough Ashlar Club’s dedicated website and social media feeds.

All MM’s, EA’s and FC’s interested can sign up to the Rough Ashlar Club via the web site.

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