Little Book of Masonic Knowledge

The Little Book of Masonic Knowledge is an aid to the daily advancement in Masonic knowledge that we should all be undertaking.  By taking the time to investigate, understand and moralise upon the various facets of Freemasonry, we can learn to enjoy the principles and symbols on which it is based, whilst also learning to more fully enjoy the benefits of fraternal fellowship.

The ‘Little Book’ therefore, will eventually become a collection of small pieces of Masonic knowledge and understanding.  At it’s launch the book will contain a number of blank templates, headed by a question or discussion point.

The Brother who volunteers to take responsibility for his Lodge’s entry in to the book will choose one of those topics and, in conjunction with other more senior members of the Lodge, make brief research into it.  On completion of this small amount of research, the Brother can make his entry into the book.  This entry can then be signed and dated, as well as signed by the Worshipful Master.

The final part of the process is for the ‘Little Book’ to be delivered to another Lodge.  The Brother who completed the entry, hopefully accompanied by other members of his Lodge, can deliver the ‘Little Book’ to any Lodge within Area 5 and will present the book at the appropriate point in the ceremony.  This presentation involves some brief words of introduction, followed by reading out his advancement in Masonic knowledge.  The ‘Little Book’ will then be accepted formally by the Worshipful Master and the process can start again.

The Little Book of Masonic Knowledge aims to bridge the gap between junior and more senior and experience brethren; to capture the knowledge of senior Masons so it can be passed on; and to encourage visiting between lodges, particularly of more junior Masons.

A simple set of rules is included with the ‘Little Book’ for Lodges to follow, a link to which is available at the bottom of the page.  The key to the success of The Little Book of Masonic Knowledge, will be that it is embraced by all members of Area 5, regardless of their age or experience; and that it moves regularly from Lodge to Lodge so that everyone can benefit from it.

Download Rules: Little Book of Masonic Knowledge rules