Masters’ & Masons’ Forum

MMF @UGLE 2018
MMF members ready for UGLE 2018

The Cheshire Master Masons Forum (MMF) was set up to provide the opportunity for grass roots Master Mason to contribute to the future of Freemasonry in Cheshire. The Forum engenders an open atmosphere to enable the sharing of ideas and to provide a mechanism for those ideas to reach the Provincial Rulers.

The Rulers recognise that changes are needed to allow Freemasonry to move forward to embrace the modern world.  Society has changed tremendously over the past thirty years with new pressures, lifestyle choices and methods of communication.  These changes mean that Freemasonry must consider how our recruitment, retention and retrieval programs need to be adapted to reflect modern life.  The Rulers are also anxious to hear what the Master Masons of the Province really think and feel about our fraternity.


Most of all, the Rulers want these discussions and views to be crystallised into ideas and projects that will change the face of Freemasonry in Cheshire.  The Master Masons Forum gives Master Masons a real opportunity to shape the future of the Province.

The MMF comprises a Chairman, Vice Chairman a Secretary and two representatives from each Area.

  • These must be MMs in an office of WM or below within their lodge.
  • Each Representative will serve on the forum for a period of two years initially, although they can be re-elected.
  • No representative can serve for more than 6 years in total.
  • MM’s wishing to become an MMF will be asked to submit an application when there are vacant positions, from which the most suitable candidate will be selected.
  • The Committee meets once every three months throughout the year.

There are many other ideas coming forward from individuals and lodges. If you have suggestions please contact either Mike Coles or Garry Cowling  See also the Cheshire Royal Arch Companions’ Forum