Hall Open Day – Area 2

The Area 2 Halls at Clifton Road, Runcorn, and Whitby all opened up their doors on Saturday 24th of June 2017, to mark the date of the formation of the Grand Lodge of England 300 years ago, and to encourage the general public to find out a little more about what Freemasonry is all about.

Whilst each Hall was set up differently, the steady number of visitors, who attended, where able to have a guided tour of the hall.  The temples were set up as for a lodge meeting, to encourage questions and to find out a little bit more about our Charitable work, especially in the Community with a TLC display at each hall.

The Area APGM, W.Bro. Gary Horstman and Area Chairman, W.Bro. John Miller, visited each Hall in turn to offer their support.

At Runcorn Masonic Hall, the Team where joined by a number of Lady masons who meet nearby, and who also had a fine display of the regalia which they use. A presentation was made to the Stroke Organisation by the WM of the Ellesmere Lodge W.Bro. Gary Oates, for £ 400.00 on behalf of the Lodge.

The open days will hopefully become an annual event (albeit on different days) as we look to build upon the excellent work undertaken by the Hall teams, in organising the successful events.