From “Online Application” to Initiation at Affinity Lodge 4872

On Tuesday February 27th, the Brethren and visitors of Affinity Lodge 4872 were once again able to witness another Initiation Ceremony.

The candidate, Bro Peter Nicholson, becomes the first “Internet Applicant” to be initiated into Affinity Lodge after applying to join Freemasonry via the Provincial Office.

The ceremony was conducted by WBro Roy Heneage in spectacular fashion and delivered most sincerely, whilst the Working Tools were presented by WBro Paul Mayes, who did a fantastic job. A special thank you goes to WBro Sid Swindells, Junior Deacon of Affinity, who not only did an excellent job of looking after the Candidate for the evening, but had patiently awaited this opportunity having generously given up his rightful position for the past two ceremonies so that WBro Tom Smith could conduct his two Son’s through their Initiation.

Upon Bro Nicholson’s return to the Lodge, the Charge after Initiation was delivered by the WM, Andrew Steeles, after which the newly made Brother was seated in the lodge next to WBro Brian Mayoh, who recommended Peter to Affinity, much to the pleasure of everyone present.

l to r. WBro Brian Mayoh, WBro Andrew Steeles WM, Bro Peter Nicholson, WBro Tom Smith.

The WM later commented “It was yet another excellent night for everyone in Affinity as Bro Peter becomes the first of two Candidates for Initiation that have applied to join Freemasonry via the Provincial Website, the next will be initiated at our March meeting on Tuesday March 27th. Tonight also marks the 10th Anniversary of the Amalgamation Ceremony of Affinity Lodge, so it’s a double celebration, and something that we all feel very proud to be part of.”

The Social Board was alive with conversation and Masonic Banter as a great night was being had by all. The raffle managed to raise £155.00 and it was agreed that this would be donated to “Action on Hearing Loss”, a national charity that helps thousands of people every year that suffer with hearing difficulties.