De Sala Lodge No5657 Claim The Travelling Ashlar

On the 18th April 2018, De Sala Lodge No 5657 of Sale visited John Brunner Lodge No2799 at Middlewich Masonic Hall to make a claim on the Travelling Ashlar.

The evening saw John Brunner Lodge perform the passing ceremony for Bro Tim Hassall. The work in the lodge room was exceptional with WM WBro Robert Dunseith conducting a faultless ceremony.

The claimants were lead by their Worshipful Master WBro Hakim Senane, who in accordance to the rules of engagement, claimed the Travelling Ashlar. He was supported by eight ‘Ashlar Knights’ from De Sala Lodge.

The evening was concluded with a wonderful social board, good company and conversation ensued, with all enjoying a fish supper. The night was filled with good humour and brotherly love, which saw £250 raised on the raffle for charity.

If any Lodge from across Cheshire would like to make a claim for the Travelling Ashlar , now kept in safe custody by De Sala Lodge No5657 please visit the Provincial Website for the rules of engagement and then contact the De Sala secretary WBro. David Osborne

From Left to Right the Ashlar Knights of De Sala Lodge with WM from JBL

Toby Bannon, Mike O’Brien, WM Hakim Senane, Alan Buckland, Henry Wright, WM Robert Dunseith, Alan Roberts, Jeff Jones, Harold Sadler, Stephen Jones.