Cheshire Provincial Website helps reunite a masonic jewel with its rightful owner

Bro Scott Hall 080317
Bro Scott Hall handing the jewel back to WBro, The Rev Brian Palmer-Smith


In October 2016, Scott Hall, young brother from Libanus Lodge No 154 in Monticello, Indiana and under the Grand Lodge of Indiana, contacted the Cheshire Masons webmaster WBro Graham Scott to say he had discovered a masonic jewel at a local festival.  The item was presented to WBro Reverend B Palmer-Smith by the Brethren of the De-Tatton lodge no. 2144 as a token of esteem and for services rendered as Worshipful Master in 1979 1980.

The jewel was in the form of a Traveling Square representing the 47th problem of Euclid which is, of course, Pythagoras’ theorem illustrated geometrically.

Bro Hall wanted to see if he could reunite the jewel with its rightful owner.  De Tatton Lodge is now Townfield De Tatton Lodge No 2144.  The lodge secretary, WBro Stephen Gradon takes up the story:

The Rev Brian Palmer-Smith was indeed the Worshipful master of ‘De Tatton’ Lodge 2144 in 1979-80. He left the UK not long after and went to live in the USA and by chance to the same state as Bro Scott Hall, in Indiana. During his many house moves the jewel became detached from the collar and ended up at, what can only be described as a ‘jumble sale’, where Bro Scott purchased it.

Following your message to me, I  asked around the members of the lodge who would have known the Rev Brian Palmer-Smith and by chance, a previous secretary of the Lodge, W Bro Tony Bannister had contact details for him and passed on Bro Scott’s message. The two of them got in touch and met on 2nd February 2017 at a masonic meeting some 90 miles from Brians home, where the jewel was returned.

Here is a link to a short video made of the event: