Cheshire MMF at Freemasons’ Hall – What a Weekend

On Saturday, August 18th, the Cheshire Masters’ and Masons’ Forum (MMF) sponsored the MMF UGLE 2018 event at Freemasons’ Hall, in London, under the Warrant of Manor Lodge No 4202. Brethren and their guests from 17 Provinces and the District of South Africa, Western Division were present. The event consisted of the 2012 Prestonian Lecture, ‘Scouting & Freemasonry: two parallel organisations?’, presented by WBro Tony Harvey, PAGDC, followed by a Second-Degree Ceremony and Tracing Board performed by members of the MMF. Three specially commissioned tours of Freemasons’ Hall were also available during the course of the day.
The unique occasion was specifically arranged to be suitable for Freemasons, their families and non-Masonic friends and was held in a full Lodge Room No. 10. All the attendees were present at the Prestonian Lecture, following which the non-Masonic guests retired to join one of the afternoon tours or to visit London. Later in the afternoon, the ceremony of Passing was conducted by 22 volunteer members of the Masters’ & Masons’ Forum from Lodges across the Province of Cheshire, sharing the work and performing a uniquely rehearsed Second Degree Ceremony of Emulation Ritual.
The excellent Lecture by W.Bro. Harvey was very well received with a number of interesting questions being put forward by the guests.
The second-degree ceremony was performed by 22 volunteer members of the Masters’ and Masons’ Forum from Lodges across the Province of Cheshire, sharing the work of the ceremony, followed by an explanation of the Second-Degree Tracing Board.
At the completion of the Ceremony, the Provincial Grand Master stood to address the Brethren present commenting on how proud he felt in witnessing such excellent work being done by relatively inexperienced Freemasons from his Province and how nice it was to see Freemasons’ Hall filled with so many Cheshire Brethren.
The event at Freemasons’ Hall was the first by any Province where a Master Masons group had invited and encouraged members from other Provinces and their New Young Masons Club (NYMC) to join them and enjoy a day of social and Masonic activity together. It is hoped the event will encourage similar events to be held in the future, sponsored by other Provincial New Young Masons Clubs, where both Freemasons and non-masons from around the country, can meet to enjoy a day of suitably arranged activities in the Province of the sponsoring club.
The MMF will be hosting a range of events within Cheshire, including team competitions amongst its members with questions on Masonic and General Knowledge, various local and provincial social events, Masonic lectures, visits to Lodges both within and outside of the Province of Cheshire and more ceremonies performed by MMF volunteers.
The future of Freemasonry in Cheshire is bright and the efforts and success of the MMF is playing an important part in its growth.

Click Here for a copy of the booklet created for the event