Another Initiation for John Brunner Lodge

Jeff Burgess initiation
Bro Jeff Burgess, pictured with the Worshipful Master, WBro David Palin, the SW Bro Tom Browne, and acting JW WBro Adrian Ogle

Jeff Burgess was initiated last night at Middlewich Masonic Hall in a suitably dignified manner by the WM WBro. David Palin. Bro Tom Browne presented the Long Apron as SW and also delivered the Charge after Initiation.

In the absence of our JW WBro. David Kingston delivered the Charge at the North-East and WBro Paul Rose, Bro Jeff’s proposer, presented the working tools. As a finale to the Ceremony, Bro Jeff was presented with the Introduction to Cheshire Freemasonry Manual & associated literature together with the First Degree Ritual Book by the Lodge Mentor, WBro Keith Howbrigg.

The Lodge now looks forward to Initiating its next Candidate on Thursday May 21st, tyling at 18:45.

John Brunner Officers & Jeff Burgess
John Brunner Lodge Officers and Brethren with their new Initiate, Bro Jeff Burgess