Welcome to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Cheshire

Stephen Martin BlankBrethren and Companions, this is the first message I have had the opportunity to post in my capacity as your new Provincial Grand Master and Grand Superintendent. I wanted this to be a positive message because I feel confident about the future and encouraged by the hundreds of messages of support that I have received from you, for which I am very grateful.
I find there is good news within our Province of Cheshire; many lodges are expanding and the new members that are attracted to our banners include young men, despite the difficulties that many of them face in committing time in this modern world. I firmly believe in our changing world that organisations such as ours, which bring men together from different backgrounds and religions, are more urgently needed and more valuable than ever to encourage friendship, mutual understanding and fellowship.
In 2017 our organisation will celebrate 300 years of existence, something not matched by many other organisations even in this country, and I’m delighted that the Leaders of Freemasonry want us to make this an occasion on which to relaunch Freemasonry and encourage men of all ages to become members.
I would like to express my thanks to my predecessor, RWBro Steven Adcott and the members of his team who have retired, VWBro Ian Cranston and WBro David Eshelby. They have created the foundations upon which my team and I can build so as to secure the future of Freemasonry in Cheshire. These foundations include this excellent website and the new Area structure which will evolve to help us all meet the challenges ahead provided we work together and show each other mutual respect.
In order to do this, I know I will have the full support of the Steering Group, comprising myself, EComp Rob Bramley who I have reappointed as DGSupt, and the new members, VWBro Alan Glazier reprising his role as DPGM and WBro Michael Leese who was appointed as Provincial Grand Secretary/Scribe E on 23rd July 2015.
The senior team for Craft and Royal Arch continue in office and I also appointed WBro Rod Gamwell as Provincial Grand Treasurer on 23 July 2015 to replace Alan Glazier in that role.
I look forward to working with you and for you all in the time ahead. Above all, let’s all enjoy the bonds of friendship to be found within Freemasonry.