Lodge of Indepencence all in the “Family” for a Special Meeting

Lodge of Independence 721 is the oldest Lodge working from Cheshire View, it was consecrated on 27 October 1857 at the Pied Bull Inn Chester which today claims to be the oldest licensed premises in the City, it was at one time a coach and horse terminal for those wishing travelling to London and Birkenhead.

Since then members of Lodge of Independence have been founders of many daughter Lodges in the City including Clarence 2386, Travellers 2609, Deva 3447, Caerlleon 4394, Loyal City 4839 and Westminster 7532, they, in turn, have been responsible for new Lodges, they could can be called Lodge of Independence granddaughter’s; Bridgegate 5961, Kilmorey 7109, St James 6852, Gateways 6374 and St Mary’s 8098.

To celebrate the Tercentenary of Grand Lodge,  Independence have called a meeting of the “Family” on 9 October when members of Independence, Caerlleon and St James will jointly Initiate a new candidate.  Masters and brethren of all other “Family” Lodges have been invited to this unique meeting. Lodge of Independence also extend an invitation to all Freemasons who would like to attend this special ceremony, please make contact with dining secretary Martin Rowland, 5 Springfield, Hawarden, Flintshire CH5 3DW or telephone 01244 532918 before 2 October to book a place. Tickets are £20.00 each and include a four course dinner, souvenir and glass of port.