‘Widows Sons’ Ride the Province 2018

At 8am on a wet & grey Saturday morning 8th September, nine of the Cheshire Widows Sons gathered at Manor Road, Wallasey for the start of their epic ride around the Province.  They were warmly greeted with tea & coffee by WBro Paul Massie APGM and WBro Jeff Cunningham Area 1 Chairman who presented them with a cheque for £180.00 from Area 1. WBro’s Paul Jeff Cunningham both wished the all of the riders a safe journey around the Province at bang on 8.30am the journey began.


First port of call was Clifton Rd Masonic Hall in Birkenhead where the riders were welcomed by WBro Gary Horstman APGM for Area 2 & WBro John Miller Area 2 Chairman; after a brief stop it was then on to Whitby Masonic Hall at Ellesmere Port where the riders were welcomed by WBro Harry Knapton, ProvSGW and WBro Keith Foster who, as another member of the Widows Sons, joined the ride for the rest of the day.

The rider’s route took them via Runcorn Masonic Hall which was properly tyled, to Knutsford where they were greeted by WBro. Keith Gray, Area 3 Chairman. WBro Keith kindly donated a personal cheque which was gratefully received.

From Knutsford, it was on to Hyde Masonic Hall via Provincial Office, Stockport Masonic Hall which was also properly tyled & Sale Masonic Hall. At Hyde the riders were met by WBro Steve Headdock Area 4 Chairman who presented a cheque from Area 4 for £180 and invited the riders into the Hall for a much needed cup of tea or coffee.  WBro Steve then showed them the way to Dukinfield Masonic Hall for a photo.


Next stop was Macclesfield and then on to Congleton where the riders were met by a group of 6 masons and one lady. They invited the riders into the Hall, where tea, coffee, apple pie, donuts and biscuits were kindly provided.  WBro Malcolm Barlow was to hand to provide a tour of the Hall, and extended an invitation to the Widows Sons to attend their next lodge meeting. The riders all expressed their grateful thanks to Andy Barratt the Hall Manager.

Next stop was Sandbach Masonic Hall, where we the riders were met by 5 masons.  The hall was open and once again the riders were invited in and offered a hot drink.  The Provincial Grand Secretary WBro Mike Leese was on hand to present a cheque for £100 from the Hall.

It was then on to Middlewich and Nantwich where both Halls were properly tyled.  As at the previous locations, photos were taken for posterity and then it was on to Cheshire View, where they were met by WBro Martin Peters of Gothic Lodge who presented a cheque for £300 from the Lodge. From Cheshire View it was a short hop to Queens Street, Chester for another photograph before turning north and heading for the final call at Neston Masonic Hall arriving there at 4.30pm.

The riders were warmly greeted by four of the Hall directors who supplied tea, coffee and biscuits. The Hall Chairman WBro Guy Morris also presented a cheque for £50.

The Widows Sons ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ covered 188 miles; took 10 hours, and saw all of the riders soaked to the skin.  However, they were warmed to know that on the day they had collected £860.00, which added to what they already have in hand, a large part of which, will be donated to the TLC at the Widows Sons AGM in April 2019.

Would they do it again, of course they would, they had a ball. As the Chapter President WBro Harry Shone commented, “The aim of the ride was to spread the word about the Widows Sons, and to a degree I think we have certainly done so.  I must thank everyone for the support that was given to us on what was a miserable wet Saturday. Without it, we would struggle to get our message out to the brethren of the Province. All the donations we received on route are very much appreciated and will make a huge difference to us and to the TLC”.

If any Motorcycling Brother would like more information on joining the Widows Sons, you can contact Harry Shone, the Chapter President at: h.shone@sky.com