Wheatsheaf Lodge Closing – The end of an Era

On Friday 22nd September 2017 WBro Adrian Davies (APGM) performed an extremely dignified closure ceremony.

On taking the chair Adrian outlined the prestigious history of the lodge from its inception in December 1985 to the present-day highlighting the good and less favourable times.

Adrian congratulated the lodge members on making the brave decision to hand in the warrant even though its numbers were not at a critical stage. It was noted that nearly every member of the lodge will continue to maintain and progress their masonic careers and have joined other masonic lodges and side degrees.

WBro Lord Sidney Hicks then gave a brief history of the lodge.

The warrant was then presented to WBro Adrian Davies for safekeeping, who said he would recommend to the RWPGM Stephen Blank that the warrant should be returned to the Grand Master in London, for eventual erasure.

Control of the lodge and festive board was then returned to WBro Wayne Turner for the last time.

WBro Steve Rodgers the lodge secretary has provided a brief history of the lodge:-

Scouting brethren are encouraged to wear their Scouting Neckerchief in addition to their masonic regalia, as can be seen in the photograph, and Wheatsheaf Lodge has represented Scouting interests in The Province of Cheshire for 32 years. This connection will not be lost however as South Cheshire Lodge, which meets at Willaston Masonic Hall, Crewe, takes up the Scouting mantle with immediate effect.

Left to Right Front Row:- WBro John Clough, PPrGSuptWKs, WBro Michael Shiels, ProvSW, WBro Wayne Turner (WM), PPrSGD, WBro Edward Appleton PJGD, WBro Adrian Davies, PSGD, APGM, WBro Andrew Rigby, PSGD, PAPGM, WBro Clive Harding, PPrAsstGStdBr, WBro Paul Hagget,.

Left to Right Back Row:- WBro Lindsay Ewing, Bro Marc Turner, WBro Steve Rogers, PPrAGDC, WBro Robin Platt PPrSGD, WBro Ron Evans, PPrAGDC, Bro Peter Ratcliffe, WBro Steve Headdock, ProvJW, WBro Lyndon Loweth, PrAGDC.

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  1. It is a sad day when this has to happen, I have been involved in two Lodge closures and it does reduce grown men to tears. But as masons we can come out of such times stronger and working together to preserve the great name of Masonry.

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