“Smith Family Raising” at Affinity Lodge 4872

On Tuesday January 22nd the Brethren and visitors of Affinity Lodge 4872 were once again able to witness the Raising of another Lewis.
WBro Tom Smith PProvDGDC, acting as Senior Deacon on the night, was able to lead his youngest son, Bro Lias-Rvalley Smith, throughout a most sincere and emotional Ceremony of Raising.
The Worshipful Master, WBro Roy Heneage PProvGSuptWks, began proceedings by asking Bro Lias the “Questions before Raising”, which were answered flawlessly by the Candidate.
The WM then handed the Chair over to WBro John Bailey PProvGSwdBr who conducted and delivered the Ceremony of Raising in a most sincere and heartfelt way, and then went on to deliver the Traditional History in a similar spectacular fashion.
The Working Tools were presented by Lias-Rvalley’s elder brother, Bro Thomas Smith, who did an absolutely fantastic job, much to every ones delight and then the newly Raised Brother was able to be seated in the lodge whilst the rest of the evenings business was conducted.
The WM later commented on how well the evening had gone and thanked all those that took part in what could only be described as a pinnacle moment in the Smith families Masonic careers.
The night was made extra special with no less than 16 visiting Brethren from across the Province and beyond which included 4 Acting Provincial Grand Stewards, the Provincial Grand Standard Bearer, the Provincial Grand Chaplain, Rev’d Barry Jobber, PAPGM WBro Peter Owen (who, incidentally, had insisted on playing the organ at every ceremony of both Lias & Thomas Smith’s over the past 3 years) and the Acting Area 3 Secretary, WBro Brian Mayoh PAGStb.
Needless to say, the Social Board was “buzzing” with conversation and laughter and the Raffle raised £235.00 for Charity. A great night was had by all.
Bro Lias-Rvalley’s Masonic journey does not end there, as both he and his brother, Thomas, are to be Exalted into the Holy Royal Arch on March 25th in a double Ceremony carried out by the Provincial Royal Arch Demonstration Team at Stamford Chapter 1045, now that really will be a night to behold!!


WBro Tom Bailey,Bro Lias-RValley Smith, WBro Roy Heneage WM,Bro Thomas Smith and WBro Tom Smith.

Bros Thomas and Lias-Rvalley Smith (with dad Tom in the mirror)