PGM’s Video

As part of its Tercentenary celebrations, the United Grand Lodge of England commissioned a documentary about all aspects of Freemasonry which is being shown on Sky TV.  Following up on the Rulers’ wish to shine a light on Freemasonry for the benefit of the public’s perception of the Craft, the Provincial Grand Master of Cheshire, Right Worshipful Brother Stephen Martin Blank, has produced a video outlining many aspects of Freemasonry in this Province. The full video lasts 16 minutes but for convenience it can be viewed in clips lasting 3 minutes or less. Please watch them and feel free to tell your friends and acquaintances where to find them. The video can be found here

One thought on “PGM’s Video

  1. Very informative and helpful to masons as well as none masons to explain who we are and what we do

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