PGM Supports UGLE CEO’s Statement

In the latest edition of Freemasonry Today, Dean Simmons reflects on the reaction to the news story which appeared in The Guardian Newspaper earlier this year and in particular the response from Dr David Staples Chief Executive Officer of UGLE – the letter titled ‘Enough is Enough’, which ran as a full-length page advert in both The Times and Daily Telegraph newspapers. The letter called for an end to the ongoing gross misrepresentation of its 200,000 plus members. In the spirit of transparency, David embarked on a series of interviews with the press and media.

David goes on to say, “we need to be out there, as we have been for the last few months, taking journalists around our masonic centres, introducing journalists to Freemasons and letting them make their own minds up, according to what they see and what they find.”

Cheshire Provincial Grand Master Stephen Blank, who also faced the cameras in an interview with the BBC, echoes those sentiments: ‘The reaction from my members has been overwhelmingly positive,’ he says. ‘We’ve always been proactive with our open evenings at masonic halls. We’ll continue to publicise these across the county, alongside our charitable and community activities. I think it’s very important that we continue to react swiftly and positively to any future attacks on Freemasonry.’

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