New Brighton Lodge 2619 hosts the ‘Talking Heads’ presentation

On Wednesday evening 16th January 2019, the WM, Officers & Brethren of New Brighton Lodge 2619 were pleased to host the Provincial ‘Talking Heads’ Team at Wallasey Masonic Hall.  The Second Prov Grand Principal EComp Philip E Rowland, PGStB was in attendance together with EComp David Williams, PGStB, APGP.

This informative ‘playlet’ not only provides an excellent introduction to Holy Royal Arch Masonry, it also provides experienced Companions with fresh information and talking points they may not have previously considered.  EComp Rowland is always keen to point out that this initiative is not a ‘recruiting campaign’ and is presented to assist Brethren in making an informed choice about joining the Holy Royal Arch when the ‘time is right’ for the individual Brother.

Pictured L-R: WBro’s Bamber, Simcox, Kirkby, Taylor (SW), Rea (WM), McTigue (JW), Rowland (Second Prov Grand Principal), Williams (APGP) & Lacey 

If your Lodge would like to host a ‘Talking Heads’ presentation, please contact your respective APGP who will be pleased to assist you in making the necessary arrangements.