Installation – The James Thompson Way

27th April 2017, saw brother Mike Niblock ascend to the chair of King Solomon in James Thompson Lodge 3653, a wide variety of important Brethren were on hand to witness the occasion, including brethren from Dunblane IX, and WBro Hugh George Fleetwood ProvAGDC, representative of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master.

The work around the lodge was second to none, demonstrating what has clearly been a lot of practising for the lodge members, and the newly installed Worshipful Master took his new place within the lodge comfortably.

Bro Edward Parry stepped into the IPM’s chair, and the entire ceremony ran like clockwork.

The festive board saw brethren enjoy a well deserved 4 course meal, whilst celebrating their newly installed Master.  As is traditional in Scottish Lodges, Dunblane IX had the hall perform the Star of Robbie Burns.  Gifts were brought to welcome Bro Niblock into his new role, and friendly banter could be heard throughout.  A wonderful end to the evening was brought about by Bro Mike Niblock’s brother, Rev Philip Niblock performing the Masters’ song, with all of the brethren joining on the Chorus.

Pictured Below: WBro Philip Niblock, WBro Mike Niblock

Pictured Below: Brethren of Dunblane IX

Pictured Below: WBro Gary Render, WBro Mike Niblock, WBro Edward Parry, WBro John Baxendale