The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) has taken full page ads in The Times, Daily Telegraph and Guardian calling for an end to discrimination of its 200,000 plus members.
Headlined ‘Enough is Enough’, the ad is a personal letter from Dr David Staples, Chief Executive Officer, which reiterates the organisation’s values and highlights how throughout its 300-year history when people have suffered discrimination, Freemasonry has welcomed them into lodges as equals.
Such is the frustration amongst members about the level of prejudice, Dr Staples has also written to the Equality and Human Rights Commission to make its case.
Dr David Staples, Chief Executive of UGLE commenting says:
“This is a first for us, but necessary under the circumstances. For too long we have been unjustly singled out. We are an organisation whose whole tenet is about helping individuals become better people, with values of honesty, integrity and service to others. Membership of Freemasonry is not only positive for them as individuals, but also for society at large.
“Sadly, too many Freemasons have to exercise caution in response to prejudice and discrimination they fear they will face. We want the day when every Freemason can proudly declare themselves a member of our great and historical organisation without fear of retribution, suspicion or damage.
“We’re open and happy to talk about anything and today we are announcing a series of sessions up and down the country too and to answer any questions people may have. I am also welcoming any queries from individuals myself.”

Ads taken in Times, Telegraph and Guardian newspapers

2 thoughts on “#ENOUGHisENOUGH

  1. Excellent & not before time. Much of the misunderstanding is furthered by the Church of England Synod Report 1987. I would suggest a challenge to its conclusions would help the cause!

  2. I watched the CEO on the news today – however he wasn’t prepared for the interviewers ‘curved ball’. After correcting the usual myths & confirming that we are NOT a secret society he was asked to demonstrate the ‘handshake’ – response ‘I have promised not too’! Surely he should have been prepared for that ‘trap’. I have been asked what I would have said – don’t know – but I would have thought interview prep would have signalled the journalists trap – & in this case the obvious stumping!!

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