De Tabley Lodge No. 941 – 2nd Degree

On Monday 10th April, Bro Anthony Sean Collier was Passed to the second degree by WBro Barry Armstrong and his team.

Bro Anthony performed exceptionally well in his role and commented afterwards on how much he had enjoyed the experience.

Bro Anthony was also very complementary on the amount of work the members of the lodge had invested in him to make the ceremony run as smoothly as it did. He also additionally complemented WBro John Turner on his faultless recital of the explanation of the 2nd Degree tracing board.

We all then retired to a harmonious and enjoyable social board.

Left to right:- Bro Jeff Boyling, Bro Trevor Smith, Bro Tim Knowles, WBro Andrew Fraser, PPrJGD, WBro Ted Williams, PPrGSwdB, WBro Barry Thompson, PPrAGDC, WBro Barry Hodson, PPrAGStB, WBro Barry Armstrong, PPrAGDC (WM), Bro Anthony Sean Collier (Candidate), WBro Ian Bland, PPrJGD, WBro John Turner, PPrJGD , WBro John Dean, PPrJGD, WBro Roger Collins, PPrSGD, WBro Geoff Allen, PPrAGSwdB, WBro Paul Henry, PPrGPurs.