Area 1 Masons support ‘The Friends of Vale Park’

WBro G Lloyd (Area 1 Almoner) & WBro Dave Brand (St Hilary Lodge No 3591 Almoner) presenting the cheque to Lesley (Rusty) Keane & Mike Chapman of ‘Friends of Vale Park’

Vale Park in New Brighton is a beautiful Park situated on the banks of The Mersey. ‘The Friends of Vale Park’ work tirelessly behind the scenes helping with its upkeep and organising bands to play in the Park. All through the summer local acts play on a Saturday with top Brass Bands from around the North West playing on the Bandstand on Sundays. The Bandstand area is packed with families on a Sunday enjoying these bands. ‘The Friends’ have to finance a lot of the costs themselves and are always looking for donations. Geoff Lloyd the Area 1 Almoner was approached by Dave Brand from St Hilary Lodge who wondered if Cheshire Masons could help at all. Geoff spoke to his colleagues on the Area 1 committee and a donation of £200 was authorised, which Geoff and Dave duly presented in Vale Park. Lesley Keane of ‘The Friends of Vale Park was delighted to receive such a generous donation. Lesley informed us that the money will be spent on various projects and on assisting with the costs involved with putting on the Brass Bands which are always well received.

This is yet another example of Cheshire Freemasons assisting with Local Community projects and long may it continue.

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