Welfare Support Arrangements

New Welfare Support Setup

As a result of the restructuring of the Province, the Welfare Support has also been reconfigured.  Each Area now has an Almoner, supported by 2 or 3 Case Almoners.  Each Area Almoner is automatically co-opted on to the Provincial Welfare Committee, which meets just before each Area Meeting, in order to allow Area Almoners to report back to their Area Chairmen and Committees.  Additionally, it has recently been agreed by the Charities that suitable Lady Case Almoners can be trained, which will enhance the support already provided to Brethren and other members of Masonic Families in distress or need.  The next phase of Case Almoner Training is about to start very soon.

The new Welfare Support arrangements should ensure that the already high level of service provided will continue and that the passage of information, both upwards and downwards, will continue to function efficiently.  This will make sure that any changes that are required, in order to enhance the service, will be implemented smoothly and efficiently for the benefit of those in need.

New Joint Application Form

A new Joint Application Form has been issued, with the aim of simplifying the welfare application process.  The new form has been significantly reduced in size, as has the accompanying Explanatory Notes Checklist.

Welfare Process

For details of the process for obtaining welfare grants and relief click here

Data Protection

A recent review has taken place, to ensure that all personal information continues to be appropriately safeguarded and that it is only used when required and for the purpose it was intended for.