Letter from PGM re changes to Masonic Charities

19th February 2015


This letter brings important news about proposals to consolidate the work of the four central Masonic Charities (CMCs) into one new charity.

Following an address given by the Pro Grand Master at the Quarterly Communications of Grand Lodge in December 2014 you may already be aware of some of the proposals set out below, but I am sending you this letter to ensure that details of the changes are communicated widely throughout the Province. This message has been made available to the Metropolitan Grand Master and all the Provincial Grand Masters for distribution to their members.

Summary of proposals

Following an extensive review, the Presidents of the CMCs propose that the work of the charities be consolidated into a new charity that will:-

Provide the full range of support currently available to Freemasons and their families with scope to expand those services;

  • Have a new name (yet to be determined);
  • Support both Masonic and non-Masonic giving;
  • Become operational in 2016;
  • Be supported by all Festival appeals concluding in 2022 and beyond;
  • Festival appeals concluding prior to 2022 will continue as planned;
  • Be led by one President, a Deputy President and a Board of Trustees with one Chief Executive and staff; and
  • Continue to include members of the Craft within its governance arrangements.

The new charity will be financially stronger, better resourced and able to respond to the changing needs of Freemasons and their dependents more effectively, whilst also promoting Freemasonry as a force for good in society in a more effective manner.

The Trustees of the existing CMCs have agreed the proposals in principle and the Grand Master has given his support. The next step is for each of the CMCs to consult their members – details of the circulation processes will be communicated by each charity to their members.

More information is available at www.masoniccharities.org.uk/review I encourage you to take a look.

As Freemasons I am sure that we are all proud of the important work carried out by our CMCs and I am pleased to offer my support for these exciting proposals which will ensure that Masonic Charity remains at the heart of our activities for many years to come.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

Steven Adcott

Provincial Grand Master for Cheshire

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