Rose Winchcombe receives £250 from the Area 1 CFC Community Fund.

When the Area 1 Charity Rep. went to meet Rose Winchcombe to hand over a cheque for £250, you would never have imagined the struggles this little girl has dealt with during her short life.  Everything seemed fine for the first 15 months of her life. Rose was just, as her mum Jo says, like every other little girl – crawling, happy and healthy, and had just started saying her first words. Suddenly everything changed. Seemingly out of nowhere, Rose stopped crawling, stopped talking, smiling and laughing, and even stopped crying. And as if this wasn’t distressing enough, she then simultaneously developed epilepsy.

Following numerous blood tests, MRI scans, an ECG and lumbar puncture, Rose then spent some time at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital undergoing numerous tests, but nothing could be determined. To this day, tests are still ongoing to diagnose what condition Rose may have, but her neurologist believes it may be due to a genetic condition. She has regular physiotherapy and speech therapy, but the NHS has no other form of treatment available.  However the Family Hope Center (FHC), a USA based organisation, helps families understand how the brain grows and develops, while showing parents specifically where the child’s brain is compromised and what to do to build its function. Rose (now 4) is still behind her peers in terms of her development.  However, since attending the FHC and through total dedication by her parents and hard work from Rose, her brain development and speech has progressed hugely and today we received an email to say Rose has taken her first steps unaided.  Her parents are naturally over the moon and every Cheshire Mason should be proud to have contributed towards this.

Rose Winchcombe looking much happier!