March Newsletter Area 4

Dear All,

Just a quick update on some of the questions asked at our meetings held in February.

If you recall it was asked if the “Introduction to Freemasonry” manuals could be published electronically for download to save costs for Lodges, well the short answer is no – however, this issue has been addressed and discussed and it is felt that any new initiate would appreciate a more fully published, bound and more professional looking manual presented to them. That said part 1 for interested non-masons and part 2 for those who have been recognised as candidates for initiation will be available online shortly and the Provincial Mentor and team are looking into the merits of an electronic version for reference and ease of access but not as a printable version. It would be password protected for E.A, F.C and M.M etc but will have to rely on the goodwill and integrity of Brethren and Lodges not to “pirate” their own copies. If you require any further information on this or indeed any other mentoring issues please contact our Area Mentor – David Smith who will be happy to assist.

Another question raised was that of the accuracy and missing information on the new Provincial website – again, this query was raised at the Provincial Website Review Meeting in February. It is acknowledged that at present not all Lodges/Chapter information has been posted onto the website and as I it understand all Lodges and Chapters will be asked to forward new contact details of all Officers to update the database but please bear in mind this information is constantly changing with Lodge and Chapter installations and it is the Lodges responsibility to update the information to the Provincial office, the Provincial webmaster and if possible the Area Secretary so that we can make sure the contact information is available to all and as accurate as can be.

Brethren, I still need your help on a couple of issues in particular. PLEASE speak to the Brethren and ask if anyone can help with the running of the Widow’s Association/Friendship Group within our Area, perhaps some of our Lodges who have a Ladies/Wives group may even be able to help out.

We still need Case Almoners who can help with individual applications for assistance on a one to one basis, you will be shown how to fill in the relative forms and help is always available but without the help of Case Almoners people in need are missing out on vital assistance they need and Brethren that is not what we are about. If you can help with either of the above please contact our Area Almoner – Terry Wiseman who will be more than grateful for your support.

Finally, at least for now, Eddie and I are looking at visiting as many Lodges as we can, if any of you have a quiet night or specifically want to see us please drop us a line and if available one of us will be delighted to attend. Don’t forget forthcoming events such as the golf day, variety show , clay pigeon shoot and of course the Christelton Family Fun Day in August, all supporting the Festival which I am sure you now all know has surpassed the £1million mark (fantastic news but let’s keep going).

Brethren as always please do not hesitate to contact either myself or any of our Area Officers if you require any information and advice and again please do whatever you can with regards to the Widows Association and Case Almoners. Any ideas, suggestions or concerns you or any brother has will be addressed and forwarded to the Provincial Executive, that’s how the new system works, but you’ve got to let us know.  I will be in touch soon with the dates for our next Area Meetings in May.

Kind and Fraternal Regards

Howard Ashcroft