Area 2

Lodge Secretaries – please advise your Area 2 Communications Officer, Bro Richard Kellett, (just ‘click’ the link), of News, and other items relating to Area 2, which he can then post on the pages linked to this post.


WBro Gary Horstman – APGM email



WBro John Miller – Chairman email



W.Bro Stephen Jones – Secretary email



WBro Leyland Preston – Treasurer email



EComp Richard Dobbing (APGP) – Royal Arch email



WBro John Kilgallen – Almoner email



W.Bro. Dave Perkins – Charity Steward email


Peter Kellet Web


WBro Peter Kellett – Mentor email



Bro Richard Kellett – Communications email


joe_mcinnes area2 web


WBro Richard Argyle – TLC Representative Chester email


joe_mcinnes area2 web


WBro Neil Eaton – TLC Representative Birkenhead email



Bro Phil Hunt – Master Mason’s Forum email


Mike Ring


WBro Michael Ring – Media Officer email