Area 1

Area 1 consists of the North and West sides of the Wirral from New Brighton and Wallasey along to West Kirby and then down to Neston and Parkgate.

 Paul Massie

APGM for Area 1

is  Paul Massie


The Chairman for Area 1
is Jeff Cunningham

 Dave Williams APGP

APGP for Area 1

is Dave Williams

 Steve Parker Area 1 Comms

Area 1 Communication Officer

is Steve Parker

Stephen Crane A1 MMF Rep

MMF Rep  for Area 1

is Stephen Crane

John Johnson Area 1 TreasurerJohn Johnson




Stephen Crane A1 MMF Rep

Secretary for Area 1

is Neil McCrone

Garry Usherwood area 1

Charity Steward Area 1




A1 Committee.xlsx

OfficeGiven NamesSurnameEMail
Charity StewardGarry
TLC RepEric
MMF RepStephen