Wythenshawe Lodge Celebrate One of their Distinguished Members Golden Anniversary

Members and guests at Cheshire View’s Daylight Lodge; Wythenshawe 2688 meeting on 7 February 2017 were a-gasp when WBro George Mann APGM exposed the Lightfoot families past history. WBro John Edward Lightfoot the fourth generation of the Lightwood Funeral Undertakers in Northwich celebrated his Golden Anniversary at Chester’s first Daylight Lodge. George told the tail when the Lighfoot family had a horse bus business in Kelsall which eventually became the Crossville Motor Company, ran a stables with over 70 horses which pulled the local fire engine and delivered mail to all parts of the county. Great Grandfather Lightfoot would give free haircuts to local boys using horse clippers and use the mitten to grow special maggots for Angler’s. Members and guests were spell bound when the local Northwich undertaker John Lightfoot attempted to eradicate a swarm of wasps from a burial footpath in a church yard but set fire to the grass resulting in everyone in the Church Yard being stung. It was a time when John as a young boy used home-made dynamite to remove a bung from a neighbours water but split the drum in two, drove an Austin Seven painted in black and not the colour of his choice. George told of the early Northwich telephone company where the Masonic Hall was number one and the local doctor number 7 all connected using a manual exchange.

A fascinating morning, unveiled by WBro George Mann APGM to over eighty members and guests; VWBro Alan Glazier was on hand to promote John for the tremendous work he has undertaken in Freemasonry in both Craft, Royal Arch and side orders. John now holds the very prestigious rank of PPSGW being promoted by Alan Glazier during the ceremony. There was more gold braid in the Lodge room than on a parade ground as leaders of many orders congratulated John for his outstanding duties to Freemasonry.

What a wonderful morning of Freemasonry to celebrate a brothers Golden Anniversary.

Leaders of other Cheshire Orders, Grand Officers and Acting Officers from Area Five attend the Celebration of one of Northwich’s most active Freemasons. WBro John Edward Lightfoot, pictured centre between VWBro Alan Glazier DPGM and WBro George Mann APGM