What a Splendid Team of Ritualists

An impeccable Initiation ceremony by the County Palatine team on Wednesday 27 September when they met at Queen Street Masonic Hall.  Their new member Bro Ben Teasdale who is also a member of the Worshipful Master Gym at Saltney, he was welcomed to his new Lodge with great aplomb in a ceremony that impressed everyone present. The Worshipful Master Adam Parry is a member of two North Wales Lodges and a Lodge in London, he holds the rank of
LGR MetGStwd. This Lodge was in the doldrums five years ago and has rejuvenated itself with an influx and young energetic members, another three candidates are waiting together with a joining member.  County Palatine is very much alive, maybe it has something to do with the daily exercise they all enjoy at Adam’s Gym!

Mike McGarva; William Lunt; Ben Teasdale; Adam Parry; Peter Thomas; Nick Woodward Prv.GStwd DC; Nicolas Corbett; George Mann APGM

 The new initiate is made very welcome by the Worshipful Master